About Stone Bellisimo

Stone Bellisimo is a story of the American Dream, of success and accomplishments far beyond beautiful quartz kitchen countertops. 

It’s a story of hard work and perseverance, sacrifices and a journey towards better living. 

Owner Cesar Yunda came to the United States in 1996 with his wife to seek a better life. He only had two assets at that time; his encouragement from his family and a sound work ethic. Hence, it is only natural he chose the profession requiring the heaviest lifting to build family kitchens. 

After mastering his trade as an employee, Cesar and his partner created Stone Bellisimo. Today, Cesar is co-owner of the company alongside his wife, and enjoys watching all of his children flourish in the USA in their respective careers. “It’s really incredible”, Cesar says, “I have three children and they all were able to have really successful careers because of their good attitudes and work ethic. I love rewarding these types of people with a brand new kitchen so they can feel good about how far they’ve come and what they’ve achieved.”